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Jeffrey Eberwein, CEO, Hudson RPOJeffrey Eberwein, CEO
Having an established recruitment process is one of the most essential elements for developing and maintaining a successful working organization. Although recruiting is commonly a misunderstood profession, more companies are increasingly realizing the importance of establishing a formal recruitment infrastructure. Several recruiting consultants now think that the most effective recruiting model for serving their clients is Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO. RPO has been vigorously involved in evolving the recruitment world. But, the achievement of RPOs depends entirely upon the genuine partnership where all the stakeholders assimilate to achieve organizations hiring goals. With the present arrays of methodologies and innovative advances, the factor that stays constant to the success of the RPO engagement is the RPO provider and customer partnership. As RPO solutions keep on developing, customers are Partnering With RPO Companies in addressing the array of crucial needs.

Amidst all these ever-changing recruitment trends, Hudson RPO emerges as a genuinely innovative RPO partner. Starting from RPO to employer branding, the company takes in regard to the complete life cycle of their clients’ recruitment requirements and delivers world-class customer experiences. Hudson RPO has been providing innovative, customized recruitment outsourcing and talent solutions to organizations worldwide since the end of the 90s. The company works very closely with its clients to develop creative, flexible, and cost-effective talent solutions. Hudson RPO supports its clients to focus on their core business as they provide the right candidate as and when required by the client.

Hudson RPO’s offers custom solutions to serve the needs of their clients’ business while giving them strategic advice to unlock a deeper competitive edge

Hudson RPO’s offers custom solutions to serve the needs of their clients’ business while giving them strategic advice to unlock a deeper competitive edge. The company provides end-to-end recruitment solutions along the whole talent acquisition journey from candidate sourcing and selection all through to the offer and onboarding process. Another extremely flexible service offered by Hudson RPO is Project RPO. This service solves the unforeseen or unplanned volume hiring needs as well as reduces the overall time-to-hire for their clients. Apart from these services, Hudson RPO provides On-demand RPO, which is designed for recruitment-related demand in a short time frame that includes sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing, or technology. These services are broadly accepted by an extensive range of industry sectors, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, financial services, media and technology.

The efficiency of Hudson RPO can be well demonstrated by citing a case scenario, where they helped a leading global asset management firm. The asset management firm lacked a consistent recruitment model across regional headquarters. Also, the uneven talent acquisition function negatively impacted the company’s candidate experience, worldwide employer brand, diversity hiring, and overall recruitment returns. Hudson RPO observed the situation and created a collaborative framework within a year for recruitment across four of the firm’s regional headquarters in North and South America. The cooperative structure involved stakeholders at every level, from recruiters to the leadership team. The client’s engagement with Hudson RPO continues today, following the implementation of the global RPO solution and two contract renewals.

Such success stories are a testament to Hudson RPO’s customer-centric outlook. Hudson RPO has always tried to go the extra mile to add value to its client’s talent acquisition programs. In future, the company’s mission lies in becoming every organization’s choice for talent sourcing and acquisition.
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Hudson RPO

London, England

Jeffrey Eberwein, CEO

Hudson PRO provides services from recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to employer branding, covering the entire lifecycle of recruitment requirements. HudsonPRO thrives in the delivery of high-quality customer experiences. Since its inception in 1999, The company has delivered innovative, customized recruitment outsourcing and talent solutions to organizations worldwide. HudsonPRO is the trusted partner from the outset who works with the customer to develop creative, flexible, and cost-effective talent solutions that drives the businesses forward. HudsonPRO helps its customers discover advanced, innovative talent strategies and processes that allow the companies to remain focused on their core businesses